Got your eye on a couple of special things you’d like for Christmas, but have a feeling that your partner, parents or friends are about to get it horribly wrong? We’ve got you covered. Use the MCWishlist to pick from the Marie Claire team’s carefully curated selection of fashion, beauty, tech and lifestyle gifts. We’ll send your list to your loved ones, and you’ll get what you really want this Christmas.

In the spirit of gifting, we chatted to five of our favourite influencers about the worst gifts they’ve ever received. Prepare to cringe.


1. Natalie Roos, TailsOfAMermaid

‘An ex-boyfriend let me know that he was planning on getting me a couple of dumbbells for Christmas. I was so confused because I like so many things and none of them have anything to do with fitness! I had to keep telling him, “When in doubt, jewellery or perfume is always preferable to a hint that I need to work out more.'”

2. Yoliswa Mqoco, Influencer

‘About five years ago, I was dating a girl who had recently come out. Her family was trying to embrace and accept her as much as possible and they’d invited me for Christmas lunch. There was  a weird energy when I got there, but I wanted to still help out with the cooking. After lunch, we exchanged gifts. One by one, we went around and each opened our gifts. I received some things I loved, like fashion items and jewellery, but when I opened her sister’s gift to me, I found a 12-piece Tupperware set. I thought it might be her trying to poke fun at me being a bigger girl. Either way, it got super-tense and everyone could feel it. It was not cute.’



3. K Naomi, TV Presenter, Maybelline & Vogue Ambassador

‘The worst gift I’ve ever received – well it wasn’t the worst, it’s nice but not my taste – is a purse with a bow on it. And I’m not really that girly, so it didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I still have it, but the colours on it… It was just too girly. All I said was “thank you”.’


4. Ricci-Lee Kalish, Big Bad Wolf

‘The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever received is an orchid. I know it sounds quite ridiculous, especially because it came from a good place and was really nice of them, but I couldn’t keep the damn thing alive. I mean who gets you a gift you need to look after?!’

5. Sheena Bagshawe, The Stylist’s Notebook

‘The boyfriend I had when I was 15 was really sweet, but his sense of humour was … odd. It might explain why he thought that giving me a hot-water bottle “to keep me warm when he wasn’t around” was hilarious – in the middle of summer. Where did he even find one of those things in December?!’


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