Don’t let your job turn into a bottomless pit – your life shouldn’t have to revolve around your career (unless you want it to). Here are the signs that your job is sapping you of any energy and life force.

1. You wake up dreading the day ahead. It’s not the average ‘Ugh, work’ feeling that many of us get. It’s actual dread. In fact, you’ve actually broken into a cold sweat when thinking about all the work that needs to be done.

2. You over-complain to your partner. We all rant to our S/Os at the end of a long day (that’s what they’re there for), but if you’re constantly making your work issues the issues of your partner, there’s a problem. Your job should never ruin your home life, too.

3. You feel like you aren’t progressing at all. You’re feeling totally stuck, but you also have zero motivation to move anywhere. Where would you even go?

4. You feel tense the second you step through the door. Immediately, all calmness is out the window. As soon as you’re in that office, the stress slowly mounts until you’re just a frazzled mess.

5. You respond to questions about work with one-word answers. Most often, that word is ‘fine’.

6. You’re suffering from legitimate health problems. Over a long period of time, the stress and burnout you’re experiencing can create serious problems like digestive issues, heart disease, depression and obesity. If your job is screwing with your health and well-being, it’s screwing with your life.

7. You can’t remember your last accomplishment at work. Your job satisfaction is so low that at this point it’s non-existent. It’s not that you haven’t accomplished anything, it’s that the accomplishments mean nothing to you.

8. You’ve become impossibly cynical. In your mind, there’s pretty much nothing good about the world at this point. Your job is dragging you down into a pit of despair and you’re feeling utterly helpless.

Via Cosmopolitan US