Think your life will be better if you quit your job? It might be – but before you jump ship, you need to determine whether you’re just having a bad day or if the role you’re in isn’t for you. The following questions, designed by US-based analytics company Gallup, measure employee engagement so you can decide if you really need a new job, or if you just need to adjust some aspects of your current position.

Ask yourself:

1. Do you know what is expected of you at work?

2. Do you have all the materials you need?

3. Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

4. In the past seven days, have you received recognition or praise?

5. Does your supervisor or a colleague seem to care about you, as an individual?

6. Is there someone at work who encourages your development?

7. Do your opinions seem to count at work?

8. Does the mission of your company make you feel your job is important?

9. Are your fellow employees committed to doing quality work?

10. Do you have a best friend at work?

11. In the past six months, has someone talked to you about your progress?

12. In the past year, have you had the chance to learn and grow?

Answered ‘yes’ to seven or more questions? It’s a bad day.

‘If you’re generally happy at work, but certain things have been niggling you, you probably need to take the matter into your own hands,’ says business coach Simone Milasas. ‘Decide what it would take for your job to be more enjoyable. There’s a lot to be said for making your current role better.’

Answered ‘no’ to seven or more questions? It’s a bad job.

It might be time to think about a new role. Need a final push? Simone says: ‘Ask yourself, “If I was still in this job in one/five/10 years’ time, would I be happy?” Are you really creating what you want your life to look like?’ Beware of moving jobs just for the money, though. Although a good salary can add to your job satisfaction, career well-being isn’t centred on income.

Written by Katherine Chatfield for Marie Claire Australia