We all know the struggle to getting the perfect blowout at home. Rushing through a blowout causes frizz, damage and leaves hair looking puffy. We’ve found six hacks that could cut down the time you spend with the blow-dryer, and that won’t leave you with aching arms!

1. Invest in a professional blow-dryer

Salon blow-dryers have a higher wattage than store-bought ones. The increased speed allows for a shorter drying time, which means less damage to your hair.

2. Towel or air dry

Removing excess water from your hair before you start blow-drying cuts some time from the process. Use a cotton towel to absorb moisture or air dry your hair before going on to full-on blow-drying.

3. Light serums

Using a serum or oil for dry hair is recommended to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle. Choose a light spray serum or oil as thicker products take more time to seep in, leaving your hair with added moisture and prolonging the drying process.

 4. Buy the right brush

The brush you use is just as important as the blow-dryer. Invest in salon-quality brushes such as a boar bristle brush that grips your hair easily and gives you better control. The right brush will cut the drying time in half and this will then prevent frizz and excess damage.

5. Use a nozzle

Attach the nozzle of your blow-dryer horizontally and use it as a guide to drying your hair. This way it focuses the heat on to the section you are drying and ensures a smoother finish on the hair.

6. Shampoo, condition, treat

Being aware of the most effective products for your type of hair is a bonus when trying to reduce drying time. If you have oily hair, use clear, non-sulphate products to make your hair more manageable when drying. The end result? Smooth hair that isn’t brittle or frizzy and is free of excess oil.

We recommend Pantene Pro-V formula products with added histidine for smoother, stronger hair. The products work especially well if you have dyed or frizz-prone hair.


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