Imagine you’ve recently dyed your hair blonde. It could be bleach blonde, honey blonde, or even a creamy baby blonde. You’re feeling excited and confident about your new hair colour, until your summertime swims in the pool gives your blonde hair a greenish tint.

Don’t panic! Here’s the science behind what’s turned your goldilocks green, and what you can do about it.

The cause

To be able to fix a problem you need to understand what’s behind it. When blonde hair turns green, it’s because of oxidised mineral build up in the hair shaft. Minerals such as copper and magnesium are present in the water (either from copper pipes or chemicals added to the pool to kill algae). The chlorine oxidises the copper and it binds to the protein in your hair. The chlorine also damages the hair, making it mores susceptible to the copper attaching to it.

The solution

  1. Visit your salon and let them professionally fix the problem. They will probably use a toner or dye over it with a low volume bleaching agent.
  2. The second fix to your problem is DIY and can be found right in your grocery cupboard – tomato sauce.

If you imagine the the colour wheel, red and green are opposite each other, and have the potential to balance each other out. The acidic component in tomatoes neutralises the chemical reaction caused by the oxidised minerals in your hair. Leave it on for 15-25 minutes wrapped up in cling wrap.


  • Filter your shower. Copper piping can contribute to the deposits of the mineral.
  • Wet your hair before a swim with tap water. Your hair won’t soak up the pool water as your hair shaft is already soaked with tap water.
  • Colour protect. To go a step further, apply a hair masque or conditioner before swimming, this will hydrate your hair, and block the absorption of the pool water.
  • Remember to keep your hair healthy. Because your hair shaft is swollen and he cuticle bonds are broken from the bleach, your hair soaks up anything quicker than usual. Stay away from more damaging things like heating tools, and excessive colouring.

We recommend the Pantene Pro-V formula with histidine products.


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