We put our hair through so much during the summer – blow drying, straightening, curling, all inbetween days of swimming in chlorine pools and in salty sea water. So it’s no wonder we’re left with dull, straw-like tresses mid-way through our summer holiday.

But don’t freak out just yet, we have the best solutions to restoring the life your hair once had.


Keeping your hair treated is important all year round, but summer can be extra harsh on your hair. Nourishing masks and conditioners can protect from dryness, frizz, breakage and sun burn. And who really wants to be sitting under a blow dryer for 10-30 minutes a day when it’s boiling hot?

Try the Pantene 2min deep repair jar masque R74.99


Lock in the moisture

If you keep your hair filled with moisture, there won’t be room for damage or loss of body. Soak your hair in tap water before heading for the pool or ocean; this way your hair already has moisture and it lessens the harmful effects of chlorine and saltwater.

You can also prepare your own DIY treatment before summer comes – mix water, conditioner and a little sunscreen in a spray bottle and spritz onto your hair before and after you take a swim.

Or you can just use Pantene’s Aqua light nourishing spray R74.99


Put down the heat

Remember that adding extra heat to your strands dries your hair out further and often causes breakage. We say rock your natural texture or opt for easy styles such as braids and topknots. Alternatively you can accessorise with headbands to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck.