We all have that moment in life when we want to chop off our long locks for a more edgy cut. And before we even think about face shapes and what will suit us, we go ahead with it.

Sometimes it works and other times we regret it, but with our help you’ll be able to pull of both long and short styles. As inspiration, we’ve listed the celebrities who are best at chopping and changing.

Tip: Ask for your stylist’s advice or do your own research on how to style long and short hair.

Long hair

Styling is quite easy with long hair. You can create a big bow out for ultra-sexiness, curl, braid, and tie into a sleek ponytail or an effortless topknot.

When styling with heating tools it’s important to protect your hair, and Pantene’s aqua light nourishing heat defence (R74.99) spray works amazingly.

Medium to short hair

Though you won’t have endless styling options, having shorter hair is great because of the minimal effort that goes with above-the-shoulder lengths.

Use serum or leave-in conditioner to give your hair some texture. Pantene gold deep moisturising soufflé leave in (R74.99) is perfect for nourishing and styling.