As autumn arrives, it’s time to relax into winter wear and look forward to more time spent indoors. Less events means less need for fancy ‘dos – here are some simple, easy styles you can try to complement your winter wardrobe.

Try these simple,fuss-free styles to keep you looking and feeling good.

 The knotted ponytail

  • Section your hair in half from ear to ear
  • Start with the top half of your hair, by splitting down the middle into two sections and tie them into a knot (like you would shoelaces)
  • Then section the bottom half of your hair, just like the top only now combine each side with one of the ends from the topknot
  • Take the bottom sections and now tie another knot. Secure with a hair tie and voila

Twisted low bun

  • Part your hair as you would usually wear it. Take an inch of hair and start twisting it away from your face, down toward the nape of your neck.
  • Secure with a bobby pin and do the same with the other side
  • Gather the twists and the rest of your hair together and secure with a hair tie
  • Now, twist your ponytail and coil it around your hair tie. Secure with bobby pins
  • For something different, add a hair barrette or cross-over bobby pins on the side of your head for a DIY chic look

Dutch braids into a ponytail

  • Centre part your hair and comb your hair down on each side
  • Start braiding the right side from your front hair line down to the nape of your neck. Repeat on the other side.
  • At the nape of your neck, tie both braids together to create a low ponytail
  • Add soft curls with a curling wand for a relaxed look

The messy side ponytail

  • Side-part your hair to your desired side
  • Lightly spray with a texturising product or scrunch in a serum
  • Gently pull your hair to the nape of your neck and secure with a hair tie
  • Remember the messier the better. Pull out pieces around your ears and at the temples of your head to add a little sultry feel.

We recommend Pantene 24hr Frizz Fighter R74.99 to keep your hair in place.