We’ve all been in that dreadful situation – with less than an hour to get ready, your hairstyle often takes second place to finding the perfect outfit.

But what do you do when your hair is just not cooperating? The MC beauty team has put together simple yet gorgeous styles for those last-minute styling sessions.


Having a hair accessory box filled with beautiful barrettes, clips, headbands and even hair ties comes in handy at moments like these. The next time you’re in a rush, add a pretty barrette or clip for a little style and structure.

The wet look

If you really have to wash your hair and there is absolutely no time to dry it, comb some leave-in conditioner or moisture treatment through your hair. This way, your hair will soak up all the nutrients it needs without being unruly and frizzy. Try braiding your hair or tying it into a bun for a neater look.

You + dry shampoo = best friends

Trust us when we say dry shampoo can be the lifesaver you need. If you haven’t yet tried this magical hair product, invest in some asap. When you have no time to wash your hair or if it keeps falling flat, spray on some dry shampoo. It soaks up the oils at the root and adds volume, giving your hair a lift.

Cover up

A simple hat always adds a mysterious chicness to any outfit – a sun hat, fedora or baseball cap works for just about any occasion.