Highlighting your hair can be just the thing you need; it ensures you don’t have to commit to a full-on colour change but can refresh your look for the changes of seasons. Not only are highlights easy, they have the ability to accentuate the shape of your face, emphasise undertones in your skin and show off your hair cut in new ways.

First things first: get to know what will compliment your existing hair colour.

Black hair

Darker tones in shades of chocolate brown, mahogany or coffee will compliment your hair without looking completely unnatural.

Brunette or brown hair

Shades like golden browns, copper, cinnamon etc will go perfectly with your natural colour. Experiment with lighter and darker tones of these shades to create a tone-on-tone effect.

Lighter brown hair

Lighter than a brunette, with almost a blonde undertone? Blonder highlights will work. Experiment with shades of ash blonde, dark blonde and honey blonde.

Blonde hair

Platinum blonde, bleach blonde and gold blonde will lift your existing colour.

Tip: During the summer months the sun can fade your highlights, especially if you’re in chlorine or salt water. To lighten your highlights naturally, try mixing some lemon juice in water and spray all over your hair. Lemon is a natural lightening agent and will lighten your highlights in the sun.

Hair care rules

When adding any chemical agent on your hair, treating and caring for your hair is important. Hair dyes and bleaching agents can be damaging if not applied correctly.

  • Always use a treatment before and after highlights or dyeing to help nourish and strengthen your hair strands. Because the dye will strip your hair’s natural pigments, it is important to always feed your hair the necessary nutrients
  • Invest in shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair
  • Although heating tools aren’t beneficial for all kinds of hair, it can be far more damaging on chemically treated hair
  • The sun can be harsh on colour-treated hair, so try use a hair mask once a week before and after swimming

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care for bleached hair