No matter what your hair type, the summer months can be harsh and dry out your strands – made worse by high levels of humidity. The Marie Claire beauty team has a helpful tips for dealing with humidity.

1. Cut down on how often you shampoo

Shampooing your hair too often can worsen its condition, as it strips your hair of natural oils that are essential for optimum hair health. This leaves your hair dry, brittle and prone to frizz.

Tip Shampoo only once or twice a week. If your hair gets greasy quickly and looks a little flat, try a dry shampoo in between washes.

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2. Condition and treat

Many women skip conditioner out of fear of creating excess oil. Here’s a handy tip you probably don’t know: if your hair and scalp are provided with enough nutrients, your body will not need to work overtime and produce excess oil. Using a nourishing conditioner or treatment will also make your hair less prone to soaking up moisture in the air, thus beating the dreadful humidity frizz.

Tip Always condition after a shampoo and treat your hair with a mask or leave-in serum once a week.

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3. Seal it

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when styling hair, especially in the humid summer, is using excessive heat when it’s already hot outside. Our hair strands are already swollen; adding heat will only suck out more moisture. If you have to blow-dry or straighten your hair, seal it with a blast of cool air afterwards.

Tip Dry your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel. The T-shirt will soak up the water without ruffling your strands.