We all know the harsh effects of the sun on our skin and therefore why it’s important to protect it. Has it ever occurred to you that your hair and scalp need protecting too? Well, they do. We may not be able to physically feel the sun burning our head of hair like we do our skin, but its protection is vital to preserving your hair’s health and preventing hair problems as we grow older.

Why you need to protect you hair

Your hair is constantly growing, which is why we may not feel the damage caused by the sun. The hair that emerges through the scalp is dead and protection is needed to preserve those strands. When exposed to the sun, your hair is more susceptible to damage, breakage, dryness and thinning – especially if your hair is dyed or mechanically styled with heating tools. A healthy scalp is important too; it is your hair’s point of growth and where your natural oils are released. Sun exposure can dry out your scalp, leading to pre-damaged or slow-growing hair.

How to protect your hair and scalp

A hat is your hair and scalp’s best friend during the hot summer months because it shades your head completely, blocking harsh UV rays.

The next best solution is to moisturise your locks more than usual. Make sure to stock up on hair oils, treatments, conditioners and masks. They help to protect your hair from dryness or damage by seeping into and coating the strands.

We recommend Pantene Pro-V formula products with histidine such as Pantene Intensive Hair Mask, R74.99

To further protect your hair – especially while swimming in salt water or chlorine, both of which can dry out hair easily – find a water-resistant, oil-free SPF to mix with water and spritz on to your hair before and after a swim.