Summer is the one season we all long for but despite our love for warmer days, we admit that we aren’t looking forward to all the annoying cons (read split ends) that come along with it.

A lack of moisture leaves the hair brittle and damages the hair shaft, in turn causing the hair cuticles to split. A full head of split ends can be avoided with our SOS guide and Pantene’s Pro-V formula with the histidine amino acid that helps repair and strengthen your hair.

Moisture is important

You know that belief that if you don’t condition or treat your hair regularly, your hair won’t be weighed down or become greasy as easily? It’s a myth. Moisture is imperative in keeping your strands thicker and healthier. If you strip your hair of moisture it becomes dry, dull and prone to splitting.

We recommend Pantene 2min intensive moisture masque R74.99

Know what triggers split ends

There are many reasons for split ends and most times we can’t prevent them from developing but if you know what causes it, you can be more careful when caring for your hair.

These are the three most common causes:

1.Thermal splits

This is caused by heat from styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons. Heating tools dehydrate the hair strands, making them weaker and causing breakage.

2.Chemical splits

Chemical splits are caused by dyes or styling processes such as perms or Brazilian blowouts. This is where the importance of added moisture comes in. Treatments, before and after, are a must when chemically treating your hair. Additionally you should treat your hair once a week to restore any further loss or damage.

3.Mechanical splits

Caused by harsh styling such as brushing too forcefully or pulling and twisting too tightly, mechanical splits can be prevented by waiting for the hair to dry before styling.

It’s never too late to start caring for your hair

We often don’t realise the damage we put into our hair when brushing, shampooing and styling. Follow these extra tips even if you already have split ends:

  • Take care when your hair is wet. Do not rub your hair dry; rather pat it dry using a cotton t-shirt – this is less harsh on your strands than a towel.
  • Always rinse with cool water after you wash your hair to seal the hair cuticle. This way your hair is less susceptible to breakage.
  • Avoid heating tools, especially in summer. If you really need to add heat, use a protectant spray and seal off with cool air.
  • Remember to seal your ends with a moisture serum. It’s only necessary to add serum to the ends as the product will seep upward into your hair strands.

We recommend the Pantene split end serum (R74.99) and Pantene Gold Deep moisturising soufflé leave-in treatment (R74.99)

If all else fails, get a trim or new cut to start fresh. Remember to continue following this guide to prevent split ends from developing again.