When podcasts on politics and fracking feel too heavy, there’s always a sex podcast to lift your mood wherever you’re tuning in. From raunchy stories, to studies of sex cultures around the world, to sex Q&As and advice, there’s more than enough variety on the Internet to pique your interests. NSFW? Don’t even worry about it – the beauty of a podcast is that no-one knows what you’re listening to.

1. Bawdy Storytelling Podcast

The LA Weekly put it best when they described this podcast as “The Moth for perverts.” Real people get up on stage to tell raunchy stories without cue cards or extensive preparation, which gives it an unfiltered, open-mic vibe.

2. Sex With Strangers

One of the most fascinating new sex podcasts out there travels around the globe to take a deeper look into the sex culture of places and societies from Wyoming to Mumbai. Host Chris Sowa takes a research-based, anthropological approach to half-baked ideas you may have Googled before at 2 a.m., like “What’s sex like in Iceland?” or “How do Mormons view sex?” or “Do used panty vending machines in Japan actually exist?” The more you know…

3. Bedtime Stories

Hosted by professional dominatrix Olivia Troy, Bedtime Stories shares erotic, kinky, and somewhat dirty tales for your (listening) pleasure.

4. My Dad Wrote a Porno

Imagine if your Dad wrote a naughty book. You’d probably try to pretend it never happened—but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he decided to read it out loud to the world. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine, Jamie reads a chapter a week and discovers more about his father than he ever bargained for.

5 Why Are People into That?!

In this podcast, sexpert, erotica author, and feminist pornographer Tina Horn explores sex, love, gender, and kink through in-depth interviews with people who openly enjoy the fringier things in life.

6. Unscrewed

Host Jaclyn Friedman untangles the complicated world of sex advice and sexual culture with a rotating cast of incredibly smart and interesting guests.

7. B Stories

B Stories is a collection of lighthearted stories about, well, boobs—told by women and men. Perhaps the best part? Each and every story is illustrated.

8. Savage Love

Dan Savage takes on every weird, crazy, and *real* sex question from the internet. Seriously—from harrassment to getting off by spitting in a spouse’s mouth (real), Savage tackles it all.

9. Death, Sex, and Money

Hosted by Anna Sale, this podcast takes on the big questions “often left out of polite conversation.” Think everything from celebrities’ sex lives to why you’re not having sex to cheating (and what that actually means).

10. The Heart (Formerly Audio Smut)

Founded in 2008 as a project by sex workers to detail their trade, the show has become a place for intimate stories from a diverse range of women who share about all aspects of sex (from former lovers to sexual boundaries).

11. Sex with Emily

Sex expert Dr. Emily Morse shares her advice on sex and relationships in a super casual and candid way. Ghosting, threesomes, masturbation—nothing is off-limits.

12. Guys We F****d

Each week, comedy duo Sorry About Last Night AKA Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview a man they’ve slept with. Yes, truly. And the podcast does not hold back, as you can tell from their tagline: “Making the world a more sex-positive place…one candid story of intercourse at a time.”

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13. The People of Kink

This podcast features interviews with different people who have ventured into the world of BDSM. It’s 1) enlightening and 2) *riveting* stuff.

14. Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica: Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway

Caraway reads erotic tales that span anywhere from six minutes to a few hours, so you can definitely find something that fits your fancy schedule.

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