Yes, we know the ‘Rabbit’ is a sex toy classic, but all-silicon and garish colours are so 00’s. The new vibrator not only fits your sexual needs, but also your fashionable lifestyle. Need more convincing? Remember sex toys increase clitoral stimulation, which helps women orgasm more easily, and can liven things up in the bedroom with your partner. An added bonus is that these vibrators are all available online for maximum discretion but a not-so-silent night. Enjoy!

The Little Chroma

R1,749 at

The Little Chroma is a small, low frequency clitoral vibrator. Not only does the aluminium casing make it beautiful, it also means it’s waterproof and allows it to hold temperature – use it warmed up or cold for different sensations.

sex toys little chroma

The Wink

R1,194 at

The Wink is a discreet mini vibrator that’s ideal for travelling. It has a flat silicon tip that feels gentle on the skin and a solid stainless steel base.

sex toys wink

Studio Collection Mascara Wand


This cleverly disguised vibrator can fit right into your make-up bag or stand in your bathroom cabinet or night table without attracting attention. The mascara wand design is firm but flexible and contains a ‘Tingle Tip’ setting which magnifies sensation.


sex toys mascara wand


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The Soraya Rabbit

R2,644 at

The Soraya is a rabbit vibrator for dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The design is both elegant and functional as it is made to fit the female form perfectly.

sex toys Soraya

The Ora

R2,390 at Lady Fay’s Budoir

The Ora’s sleek and innovative ring design won it the Cannes Lion award for Design. If that isn’t enough to win you over, get this: it’s the world’s first massager to offer swirls and pulsations which simulate oral stimulation. We’re sold.

sex toys lelo ora