The holidays are (almost, for some) here which means that you finally have some much-needed downtime for you to reconnect with your partner. The only downside is that you may well be spending said downtime in cramped quarters surrounded by family. While families are great and all, they can put a serious damper on your sex life. And if they were to accidentally walk in on anything…




… it could make for a not-so-happy holiday. Not everything is funny in hindsight, and what grandma sees cannot be unseen.

But, like most situations in life, there is a way to keep everyone satisfied, in every sense of the word. You just have to get creative.

1. Hot and steamy

Shower sex is an oldie but a goodie. Because it’s something that most long-term couples no longer do very often, it can be super sexy and sensual. This is a good idea not only because the noise from the jets of water can hide the sounds of ‘anything else’, but it’s a good way to save water. So if you are going to be in the Mother City, take note.

2. Go joy riding

Think that car sex is just for teenagers? Think again. It’s also for adults who are spending the holidays with their families. Anyone need anything from the shops but doesn’t have the energy to brave the crowds? That is your opportunity to grab your SO and head out. For some shopping AND some fooling around. Just be strategic with your parking.

3. Get loud

Want to stay in the comfort of your holiday bed and get up to mischief there? Great idea! Just make sure that the door is locked (I’d put a chair in front of it for safety too, but that’s just me) and that you drown out the noise with something noisier. Open up your iTunes playlist or Netflix account and put on something to cover any sounds you may emit.

4. Be alarmed

Want to make sure that no one is up and about when you get it on? This might mean having sex in the dead of night. But it IS the holidays, so YOLO. A smart trick is to set an alarm (a vibrating one so that you don’t disturb the whole household) to wake you and your partner up at a certain time. This will make it easier to relax while you are being intimate. Just hope no-one wakes up to go to the loo.

5. Stay grounded

Beds are notorious for making a noise at the worst possible moments. All that squeaking and creaking is a dead giveaway of what you are up to and can also be seriously off-putting. My advice? Drag the comfy duvets on to the floor and get busy there instead. Not only does this shield you more if someone were to walk in, but it also makes for a nice change of scenery. Enjoy yourself!