It’s Valentine’s Day, which means that a snazzy meal out, roses and chocolates are the order of the day for many people who find themselves coupled up. But for those who prefer something a bit less vanilla, why not use the day of love to kickstart your your sex life? Life gets busy, so why not take tonight – even if it is just a money-making holiday – to reconnect with your partner and yourself? Here’s how to make today even more sexy and exciting than usual. Fun!

Plan a staycation

All websites as well as plenty of Facebook ads like to encourage people to go somewhere for a ‘romantic holiday for two’ this time of the year. But you know what can be just as – if not even more – wonderful? A weekend at home. Change things up by making a blanket fort outside or moving your bed into the TV room for a romantic binge-watch-and-fondle session. You know, for a change of scenery.

Book a room

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live on their own, or with understanding roommates. If you and your SO want to get it on with reckless abandon but are worried about disturbing your housemates, why not book a room at a swish hotel? Other than total privacy, other bonuses here include clean sheets, a mini bar and perhaps even a four-poster bed and complimentary choccies on your pillow. Talk about luxe!

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Start early

Part of what makes sex so, well, sexy, is the anticipation of it. This means that getting your partner’s heart racing early on and throughout the day can make for a clothes-being-ripped-off-on-entering-the-house moment. And who needs 50 Shades when you have the real deal to look forward to? Send some flirty texts, maybe even a nude if you feel so inclined. They’ll thank you for it later.

Try something new

Sometimes our sex lives, especially if we have been with our partner for a while, can become a little predictable. Some people like predictable, but if you don’t, why not cease the day and try something new in the spirit of St. Valentine. Whether it’s role playing out your fantasies, dabbling in some butt play or even some rookie BDSM, what day could be MORE appropriate to try out these new things together?

Get gifting

Sure, chocolates are nice. Unless you are watching your sugar intake. Flowers are nice too, but not a week later when they are sad and dying and the water is going stagnant. Why not change the way you gift this year, and instead of getting something at your local supermarket, head to your nearest adult store instead. Because what better way to drop naughty hints than by buying your other half a fun toy to use in the bedroom?

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Sweet treat

If you ARE going to go with chocolates (because who cares about sugar intake, it’s Valentine’s Day!) then opt for something a bit more out-of-the-box. Literally. Body chocolate is also available at adult shops and can be painted on, and then licked off, each other’s bodies. You’d better save room for THIS tasty dessert!

One-man show

Not everyone is in a relationship or casually dating. Some people are enjoying their own company, and that is just as rad. Why not join the movement to change this holiday to one of self-love. And we don’t mean face masks and ice cream – we’re talking masturbation. Playing with yourself is not only a great way to let off some steam but also to learn more about your body. And potentially have your best orgasm ever, you never know.