We’re in the depths of winter, and it’s the perfect time to cuddle your partner.  But what if your partner is far away, how will you better the cold situation that you find yourself in? I’m going to start by saying that I hate winter so so much! Actually I need a moment.


Dopamine is a double-edged sword

In English studies we did a book called The Effect. I learnt about dopamine and how it is the molecule behind behaviours and cravings such as love, motivation, attention or just something you’re passionate about. When you see the person you love, the dopamine chemicals activate. But sadly you can’t really experience this fully if your partner is in a different province or sitting on the other side of the world.

This is a fancy way of explaining one of the many reasons I’ve never been interested in a long-distance relationship, yet here I am, in one! It’s difficult – but it’s possible. So what do we do with the winter blues and our partners far away?


Here are my 4 suggestions

1. Get a hot water bottle

This is my number one go-to – old school but reliable, and frankly I can’t live without one. Your bed may feel empty and cold, but a hot water bottle will give you the warmth you need. Nowadays you also get the rechargeable ones, so no need to boil the kettle anymore or worry about leaks. Yay!

2. Have phone call dates

Phone calls are way better than chatting via text message. Chatting every minute of every day is in any case extremely boring – and who has time, if we’re being honest? You can phone your lover once a day and have a fat chat, bringing you a bit closer to each other and easing up the longing.

3 Rent DVDs

I am a bit of a nerd and I still go to the DVD store to rent movies. It’s just a very therapeutic thing for me to do and it reminds me of my younger days. Make a movie date with your lover, get the same movie and watch it at the precise same time. Even though you are far away from each other it will almost feel as if you are together. Chat in between on how you find the movie and what your aha moments are.

4. Phone sex time

It can be hard to keep the fire burning, but phone sex will help you keep the spark going. Although you and your partner are apart, you guys can still have a love-making session over the phone. It’s fun, will make your bond stronger and relax you. Yes it will help relieve stress, so phone-sex away!

Before you know it, you’ll be reunited back with your lover and you can have all the cuddles and snuggles you’ve been deprived of.


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