Dating will always be a minefield. But in the age of social media, things are more complicated. The term ‘ghosting’ has become so widespread that you can casually drop it into conversation and everyone will know what you mean. And last year we learnt about ‘breadcrumbing’ – similar to ghosting in that the person doing it has no real intention of dating their victim, but they string them along anyway until they disappear completely.

The latest dating buzzword is orbiting, and it has nothing to do with astronomy. It refers to a situation when someone won’t respond to or talk to you directly, but will still engage with your activity on social media. Infuriating, much?

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You thought this article was going to be about the victims, but plot twist: when I asked around the office if people had heard of orbiting, most of them had because THEY had been the perpetrators. Those who had been victims of it, however, claim that it is even more confusing than ghosting. If someone who is ignoring you and giving you all the I’m-not-interested signs but still likes every cute selfie you upload, it can make you question whether they are attracted to you or not. And that can make you question everything.

So just when you thought that dating could only get simpler, orbiting came around to throw you a curve ball. Will the madness ever end? Probably not, which means we all just need to be more liberal with the blocking and unfollowing. Our sanity may depend on it.