What’s worse than a break-up with the person you thought you’d be with forever and ever? Not much, especially when you are in the early, grieving stages. We all know that when we split from a partner we go through some pretty intense stuff emotionally, but did you know that this kind of trauma can also have some very real physical side effects? Here’s exactly what’s going on with your body when you are experiencing heartbreak.

1 You can lose your appetite

Initially when the break-up occurs, our appetites decrease significantly. This is because the stress that comes along with such a major life change increases the production of cortisol and adrenaline in the body, and this can take away the urge to chow down. The eating your feelings part? Don’t worry, that will come later.


2 There will be pain

Not to be dramatic or anything, but that general pain you’re feeling – it’s real. Basically, science has confirmed what we knew all along and has confirmed the link between emotional and physical pain. The withdrawals after a break-up can cause chest pain, or Broken Heart Syndrome, which can result in severe heart muscle failure. Ouch!

3 Your digestive system can play up

Whether you are stuffing your sad face or couldn’t possiblly face food, your guts will probably be going through some stuff. The stress hormones coursing through your body can wreak havoc with your GI tract and lead to an upset stomach. Definitely not the most pleasant side effect. It will pass.


4 You may lose some hair

WHAT? Yes, unfortunately due to the stressful nature of splitting up with your one and only, you may go through a patch of hair loss. When we are going through a traumatic period, the neurotransmitters our brains release can have an effect on our immune system. This, in turns, makes our hair go into what is known as it’s resting phase and fall out. It’s not forever.

5 Your immune system could take a knock

During the course of a break-up our bodies can be left more susceptible to illness. This is because of the brain sending out defence signals to our endocrine systems which, in turn, causes the protective system to lower it’s guard and let more germs in. As if the emotional turmoil wasn’t bad enough.

Yes, breaking up is rough, emotionally and physically. But chin up, because as the old adage goes, ‘time heals all wounds.’ Practice some self care and go easy on yourself and you’ll come out the other side better and stronger.