Temperatures are rising, and on days where the heat is particularly savage, it can become a deterrent to sex. But it needn’t be. Here are some suggestions for how to have sex when it’s literally 37 degrees outside.
In the right places.
2. Try the tiles
You know when it’s sooooo hot that you lie against the tiles to cool off your body? It’s just as effective for sex.
3. ‘Drink more water. Or you might die.’ – Mick Jenkins
Replenish the fluids – hydration is key. Share the water with your partner. Have a bottle of cold water within arm’s reach at all times.
4. Find positions with less body contact
Minimise the surface area of skin touching. We’ll leave this up to your imagination.
5. Get the fan up close
If you have two fans, put them on either side of the bed (or couch, or whatever). Full blast. Also, dehumidifiers are amazing – invest in one.
6. Be aware of the fabrics underneath your body
Get rid of all the carpets in your house. If that’s too radical, get rid of your winter sheets.
7. Go to a shopping mall with aircon
Jokes. But if you have a car with aircon, this idea could totally work.
8. Ignore all this and let it be messy af
The way God intended.