Now I’m no expert on sex, I’ll just get that out of the way. But I do know what works for me, what makes me tick and yes, I’ve had some incredible, mind-blowing sex because I know these things. A lot of my (straight) friends have spoken to me about what happens in their bedrooms and seriously, no judgement straight people, but you have got to loosen up a little. I realised there are a few things the LGBT community can impart to our hetero counterparts: here are my top three, based on my experiences as a gay man.

1. Before we get started: relax, it’s normal

The best advice I ever got about sex was from a fellow member of the lgbt community. She said: sex is dirty, it can get nasty, there’s going to be sweat, there’s going to be a lot of hair and some strange noises. And you know what? Thats the way it should be. So get into bed and don’t worry about getting rough or getting messy. Remember this tip at all times.

2. Stick it where the sun don’t shine

I remember sitting around with some girlfriends (read frenemies) and asked them if they’d ever rim their boyfriends. The most obnoxious of them immediately blurted out ‘eeeeuuuw no that’s so gross!!’ – oh, calm the f*ck down Susan, and truuuuust me when I say your boyfriend (and potentially you)  will enjoy it. Straight people are so uptight about this. Relax, it’s just a bum. For some reason people get some pretty weird, narrow-minded and gross ideas about what rimming entails. Play with it, enjoy it and discover its magnificence. Guys, play with your girlfriends’ bums, girls play with your boyfriends’ bums. It’s amazing, and you’ll thank me later.

3. Just a little bit longer 

Edging is something a lot of gay people are into. Especially because sex for us isn’t necessarily always penetrative. Thus we like the tension to build and build until we feel like, well… you know?  The most amazing things happen when you take your time. Play with different spots and whatever you do – DO NOT let your partner climax. When they do eventually, it’ll be like the River Jordan.

You’re welcome!

In the July issue of Marie Claire, Alix Fox gives further insight into how straight people can transform their sex lives with sex hacks from the LGBT community. We can’t give too much away, but trust us, Friday night nookie will never be the same. Get your issue, on sale now!