MC’s columnist, and GBF Ziyaad Bassier is here to address all your burning dating dramas in a way your girlfriends wouldn’t dare.

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Q: I have been in a long-distance relationship for three years and my boyfriend is coming home soon. We’ve decided to move in together, but I am scared we may discover we were better suited apart. How do I make things work?

A: Keeping the love alive is no easy task and moving in with another person can be a scary transition. Explore the possibility that this big move could be a new way of falling in love all over again. Take him to your favourite new restaurant or rent all the movies you two missed while apart and bond over laughs and popcorn. Start with small, everyday activities like grocery shopping or cooking together to grasp a better understanding of your routines, and you may develop a rhythm that works well for you both. However, if the fairy tale fails despite your efforts, at least you can be assured that when it comes to relationships, you’re willing to see it through – whether it’s across continents, or under the same roof. 

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