We all have that special friend or loved one who just can’t seem to get out of the kitchen. They tend to have a hidden or very obvious talent for cooking, entertaining and experimenting with food. Finding gifts for said foodie this Christmas just got easier – we’ve curated a gift guide that includes quirky items that play on food and drink, and of course the ultimate cooking essentials.

1. Gingham sliders

These sliders are a little play on a gingham picnic blanket, and are also an easy-to-slip-on pair of kitchen-friendly shoes.




R140 | Shop now

2. Kambrook blender for on-the-go foodies

This blender is great to prepare smoothies and meal replacement shakes in just minutes. It comes with a clip-in bottle for mess-free blending and ready-to-go convenience – perfect for the health-conscious foodie.


Kambrook Gym blender Clicks

R299 | Shop now

3. Playful pawpaw swimsuit

The food loving need not end in the kitchen! Take your fruit poolside with this pawpaw print swimsuit.


Forever 21

R279 | Available in-store

4. An advent calendar with a twist

Counting down to Christmas and getting a little gift along the way is exciting, but swap the chocolates out for the very best samples from L’Occitane and the countdown just got better!



Classic Advent calendar

R950 | Shop now

5. For the serious cook

Someone who would never serve you a roast without a jus or gravy, would whip up many a sauce in this.


14cm Maitre’d copper mini saucepan

R1 999 | Shop now

6. The best coffee pod holder in existence

‘I don’t love coffee,’ said nobody ever! Anyone who drinks a good cup of coffee, clearly loves it enough to display their pods in a fun way!


Gold plated cactus coffee pod holder Superbalist

R499 | Shop now

7. A denim apron for the fashionable foodie

A fashion staple and a classic. Denim need not only live in your daily wardrobe – extend its wearability to the kitchen.


Denim apron @home

R229 | Shop now

8. A tiny pink fridge

A play on soft drinks fresh out of the fridge, this set of lip and cheek stains and colours is a fun gift for a foodie who’s also a beauty lover at heart.


Peripera Peri’s mini fridge Daldal Factory

R1 540 | Shop now

9. A midas touch

Food preparation is one thing, but eating is just as important. Entertaining (and impressing) guests is easy when your cutlery is gold!


Nolan gold 16-piece cutlery set Country Road

R1 399 | Shop now

10. A classic pestle and mortar

We’ve covered the sauce-making, now it’s time for spices. Anyone with the knowledge of flavoursome curries, or who loves adding a bit of homemade basil pesto to just about anything, would put this to good use.


Granite pestle and mortar Woolworths

R379Shop now

11. A pineapple pool float

Calling all fruit-lovers! This pool float would make for a great picture with the pawpaw swimsuit, right?


Pineapple pool float Superbalist

R399 | Shop now

12. A winning wok

You can never go wrong with a wok, especially for someone who prefers to whip up a quick stir-fry for family or friends.


28cm Stainless steel wok Weylandts

R1 195 | Shop now

13. Heston at Home for serious food fanatics

Until now, home cooking has remained stubbornly out of touch with technological development. But Heston Blumenthal, champion of the scientific kitchen, is set to change all that with his radical new book – great for a foodie up for the challenge!


Heston Blumenthal at Home Yuppiechef

R899 | Shop now

14. Recipe Journal by Moleskine

Not just a notebook, this is the ultimate in personalisation that also includes food calendars, food facts, measures and conversions and 242 adhesive labels – small enough to go anywhere and tough enough to last!


Moleskin recipe journal Yuppiechef

R359 | Shop now

15. A thing of beauty

Who doesn’t want to own and display just about anything from Le Creuset in their kitchen? This is one of many ‘entry level’ items that make for a great gift.


Salt and pepper shakers in Marseille blue Le Creuset

R439 | Shop now

16. A pasta machine

Things just got serious. It’s one thing to impress with a delicious serving of pasta, but it’s a whole other when the pasta is homemade with love. Spoil them with this affordable option!


Manual pasta maker Yuppiechef

R599 | Shop now

Happy gifting!

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