Trends come and go, but one that has more-or-less stayed put is old Hollywood glamour. This sophisticated look never goes out of style, and there are various ways to go about recreating this timeless trend.

One way is to buy a ball gown to wear to your next event. Another, easier way is to invest in the toolkit you need so you can pull off this look whenever the mood, or occasion, strikes. Here are the three products you need, and you can shop all of them right here – just click through to order.

1. Eyeliner

The general rule is to choose a bold eye OR a bold lip, but not both. But when it comes to Hollywood glamour, these rules can, and should, be broken.

You can go simple and use a pencil liner as you would for a regular make-up look. Or you can bring all the drama and go full cat-eye. To do this, use a gel or liquid liner and draw a thin diagonal line out of the outer corner of each eye, going upwards. The end of your line should be pointing up towards the end of your eyebrow. Then fill it in as thickly as you choose above the line to meet the liner on your upper lid. Voilà!

We recommend this Inglot gel liner: 

2. Mascara

Think that mascara is just… mascara? Think again. There are so many different formulations available, making it easier to find one that is right for you or the look you are trying to achieve. Whatever you use, it should coat, separate and define lashes so that they stand out. And so that you are able to bat them at people.

Mascara application can go horribly wrong (as we’ve all experienced), forcing you to start your make-up from scratch. To avoid this, wipe the excess product off the wand. Look up and apply your mascara carefully by moving the wand from side to side from lash root to tip. This will help to prevent clumping and guarantee a chic, polished finish.

Our pick: W Beauty 3-in-1

3. Lipstick

The finishing touch to a beauty look inspired by Hollywood glamour is the lipstick. And what better than a bold red? This shade flatters all skin tones and it never fails to make a statement.

Applying lipstick is the easy part. Getting it to stay put? That’s where it gets trickier, but it is doable. Start by exfoliating your lips to remove any flaky skin and then applying a small amount of foundation to your lips. This primes them and helps the true colour of your lipstick to show. Apply a coat of lipstick, set with translucent powder and then apply an additional coat. You’re welcome.

Our tried-and-trusted red is Chanel, of course.

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