To celebrate the arrival of Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss, Marie Claire challenged three South African fashion influencers to curate a summer capsule wardrobe inspired by the sexy new scent. This week we catch up with Freelance Fashion Stylist, Kirsty Stoltz

How has your wardrobe been inspired by Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss?

I’ve opted for simple yet bold pieces in my capsule collection. I love well-cut basics.

Your style in 3 words

Less is more.

How do fragrances inspire fashion?

For myself, I don’t feel that my look is finished until I’ve used perfume. I think a great scent gives your final look that added confidence.

How does perfume make you feel?

I love the luxury feel that I get when I use perfume. It’s the cherry on top when completing your look. Scent also takes us back to those special people and times in our lives. I always think of my mother when I smell her perfume and I hope it will be the same for my daughter when she is older.

Your 3 summer wardrobe staples are…

1. A bold perspex neckpiece

2. A pair of metallic heels

3. The SOS dress. It’s the perfect dress that you can wear in any style emergency. Just slip it on, add a slick of lipstick and a dab of perfume and you’re done.

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Kirsty’s picks

Take us through the red accents in your wardrobe?

I usually just opt for black, however this season I’ve invested in a gorgeous red party dress for launches. I also love my shiny perspex red and black jewellery. When I pick accessories, I love bold colours and shapes.

What does the colour red symbolise for you?

Red for me symbolises vibrancy. It’s dynamic, confident and powerful.

What is your favourite summer smell?

I love the smell of the earth after summer rain.

If you could raid one person’s closet, who would it be?

I am obsessed with Christine Centenera’s closet. I love that she picks simple pieces and puts them together with such effortless style. I’d love to raid her closet but would be so happy if she put a few looks together for me.


How does Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss match your personality?

When you first use the scent, it’s quite subtle and as it heats on your skin it becomes more and more powerful. I feel similar to that. When you first meet me I’m shy, but as the day progresses I become stronger and bolder.

Who is your muse today?

My muse is my daughter Amelia who is three years old. Everything I do is with her in mind. Like her mother, she is also obsessed with pretty dresses and gorgeous perfume.

Give us one styling hack from your wardrobe?

Less is more, when you’re putting a look together pick one stand out accessory and just stick with that.

Any tips to create a capsule wardrobe?

I pick colours that work well together. This season I’ve opted for navy, white, red and black. I also pick shoes that can take my look from a day to an evening look. To add a little excitement, I’ve started using metallics as my go-to neutral.

Life unzipped means…

Freedom. To be who you are.

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