Curls have made their comeback in a big way, and they’re the perfect accompanying hairstyle for laid-back summer outfits. While bouncy, loose curls may look effortless, we know the styling that goes into achieving the look. And on a hot day, the last thing we feel like doing is sitting around with a heated tong for hours.

Plot twist: there are ways to achieve summer curls without any styling tools and without any of the damage they cause! Here are 4 different ways to beat the heat and keep your hair healthy in the process:

Twist and curl

Bantu knots are big, and they’re easy to achieve. Take sections of your hair and twist, eventually coiling the strand into a little knot on your head. Secure with a bobby pin or hair tie. For loose curls, take bigger sections of your hair, and for tighter curls, small sections are best. Spray over the knots with a setting spray – in the morning, remove the bobby pins or hair ties and shake the strands loose.


Braids are the best; they work anywhere and for any occasion. Boxer braids or a big fish plait are the perfect way to ensure you wake up with wavy curls. Make sure your hair is damp before braiding and apply a styling or curl cream to shape your curls. Try Pantene Nourishing Spray, R74,99



Sometimes the best way to achieve effortless curls is to scrunch in some product. Twisting and braiding can put strain on your hair strands and may cause breakage if it’s not done properly. Allow your hair to air dry to 80% (it should still be a little damp) and spray some leave-in conditioner or curling spray with your head upside down and scrunch with your fingers.

Headband curls

Headband curls give a soft wave or curl to your ends. Put a full headband on your head and start threading through sections of your hair until it’s fully curled around the headband. Sleep like this and let your hair out in the morning for gorgeous curls.