From one major chocolate binge on Valentine’s Day to another on Easter, who can even attempt to say no? A good dose of chocolate every now and then is a necessary mood elevator. You probably remember those days when you were a doe-eyed youngun’ who lived for her sweet treats after dinner. But adulting also means we’ve outgrown Easter egg hunts, so sweet treats over the Easter weekend are rather rare now.

However, you’ll be glad to know that Cadbury Dairy Milk is giving you another chance to live out those fond childhood memories with their launch of a special limited-edition Peter Rabbit™ Milk Chocolate Egg with delicious Astros inside. How egg-citing does that sound?


Also consider this the perfect excuse to indulge in a little more chocolate than usual. And we’re not complaining because everyone needs a break away from the stresses of adulthood every now and then to live out their favourite childhood memories.

There’s honestly never been a better opportunity to unleash the inner child in you. So call up a few of your girl friends and turn those imaginary tea parties you hosted as a little girl into a chocolate-filled reality this Easter weekend with Cadbury Dairy Milk. If your girls are busy, use this time to win over your nieces and nephews as the ‘favourite aunt’ this Easter.


So yes we’ll order that Peter Rabbit Cadbury Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with a side of endorphins, please!

The Peter Rabbit Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, filled with Astros, will be in participating retailers from mid-February 2018 at a recommended retail price (RSP) of R39.99.