How often do you stop to take a moment for yourself? Me time can take millions of forms, few as effective and immersive as a great bubble bath or invigorating shower. Think of it as a guilt-free daily indulgence, an end goal to work towards when you need some motivation halfway through your day. Key to making this work, and to truly unlock the rejuvenating mental benefits, is using a great product like Satiskin bubble bath or shower gel to enhance your experience.

Just breathe

It’s not necessary to fully convert your bathroom into a spa every day. All you really need is Satiskin bubble bath: it instantly adds a sense of luxury to an otherwise ordinary bath. As the vitamin A & E and Glycerine soaks in, smoothing your skin, close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing your mind only on your breath for at least a minute. This is a simple concentration exercise that helps rid your brain of daily stress and worries. A mental and mood reset.

Be thankful

A fragrant bathroom is bound to boost your mood already, but take a moment to consider three things you’re truly thankful for in your life. That simple acknowledgement helps focus your mind on positivity and self-worth. These thought forms pair perfectly with Satiskin’s high-foaming bubble bath and play off the invigorating shower gel range in the best way.

Look ahead

Now that your mind is calm and happy and your skin is soft and PH balanced, identify one goal you need to achieve. Nothing major, if this is your morning shower just think about something you need to achieve today. If you’re having an evening bath, plan something on your agenda for tomorrow. Think about one proactive way you can go about achieving this goal. This is a simple yet effective way to bring a proactive conclusion to your tranquil me time, offering a comforting sense of clarity on your immediate future.

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