Twenty-seven-year-old Ayanda MVP Mdluli is recognised as South Africa’s coolest radio DJ and MC. After completing her Dramatic Arts degree, her voice gained residency at YFM before moving over to Primedia’s 94.7. The vertically gifted radio personality is one of the celebrities featured in Marie Claire’s 2018 New Naked #DearBody campaign, in partnership with American Swiss.

This is what Ayanda MVP shared about how she learnt to love her body fiercely:

Dear Body,

I didn’t take the time to thank you for being with me. I’m sorry for how I used to complain about how long my limbs are, and how I would hunch over because I didn’t own the beauty of my height. I’m sorry for whining about the breakouts on my back, the stretch marks, the dimples on my bum… I never took the time to take care of you, because I underestimated your beauty. It’s weird how you take for granted the things you have, and I did that with you. I didn’t think you’d look beautiful in a bikini; I didn’t think couture would suit you; I didn’t spend time with you (unless we were lazing around); I’d blame you for not allowing me to feel sexy.

When I was younger, I’d blame you for giving me long legs. I was just not happy with you, but as the saying goes, ‘It’s not you, it’s me’. I took a good look at you, and started crying because all this time I hated you. I kept shaming you when I should’ve glorified you. I changed the way I thought about you and how I treated you. I started running, eating well, drinking water, taking the time to cleanse you – taking time to really focus on you. Today, I walk with confidence because you are not a burden, but a blessing. No one can tell you otherwise.

You and I are ONE and I love you.

Ayanda MVP

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