Fashion and interior-design sensation Prime Obsession is made up of Joburg-based designers Keneilwe Mothoa and Shelley Mokoena. Known for making minimalism aspirational, as well the awe-inspiring fluidity of their poses, the pair are a prime example of what communicating through body language looks like. This made them the perfect fit for Marie Claire’s 2018 #DearBody New Naked campaign in partnership with American Swiss.

One half of Prime Obsession, Keneilwe Mothoa, is learning a new love language for her body and it looks a little something like this:

Dear Body

We have shared 26 years together, and in those years you have carried me through trials and tribulations – and not once have you decided to shut down without alerting me. I appreciate you for that and I am really sorry for what I put you through on a regular basis.

I am still learning to fully accept and love every part of you, because there were times when I would convince myself that you should be perfect, but that was just my mind trying to accommodate the opinions of others. I’m sorry.

Sorry for poking at your collarbones that I despised because they were too ‘bony’, which was a ridiculous concept because they are collarbones, after all. I scrutinised you and called you skinny. This is not the norm, but I had a hard time accepting you. The whole world was telling me you are beautiful and amazing, but I could not believe it.

This letter was difficult for me to write because it made me realise that I don’t compliment you enough, and that this love-hate relationship between us will take time to outgrow.

One thing I know for sure is that you are a temple, a vessel that chose me among many other spirits. I will nourish you so that you fully develop into the beautiful body that you are becoming; sculpted hips and all. I will embrace you and appreciate you for as long as you are on this earth to carry me; you are made, just for me.

Love, Keneilwe

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