We live in a digital era where social media is a tool employed by millions to share moments and experiences (no matter how significant) in between mundane tasks. Some say people post only their highlights reel on social media, but the rise of carefree culture is exposing audiences to a lot more voluntarily posted behind-the-scenes moments.  You would therefore think sharing your unfiltered thoughts about your body with the same audience you laugh about your slim bank balance with would be an easy task, but not necessarily – body talk is a topic more sensitive than sunburnt skin for thousands of people.

This is why the response to the New Naked #DearBody campaign is both overwhelming and worthy of applause – public vulnerability is no minor feat. It’s also clear from our recent poll results that body positivity is slowly eclipsing negative body image for womxn of all shades, shapes, silhouettes and sizes. A healthy portion (45%) of the 793 respondents said they would tell their body ‘you are perfect’, while only 24% would tell her that she’s had a rocky start.

Elaborating on these responses, this is what our readers wrote to their bodies:

Dear body, I’m sorry

Dear Body, I am sorry. I am deeply sorry for the all the times I call you awful, untrue names. I am sorry for all the times I hide you and tell you the lie that you are undeserving of love, celebration and acceptance. I am sorry for the times I feed you too little or too much and expect you to have energy to exercise. I am sorry for all the times I ignore and disconnect from you. I am so sorry for all the times I compare you and tell you you’ll never measure up…unless you are thinner, stronger (the list is endless) I am sorry Body, and promise to commit TO YOU. To our relationship. To listening to you first. To loving you first. ♥️ I promise to care for you. To be gentle, compassionate and kind towards you, always! In sickness and in health Pc. @nicolakatieimagery . . #Dearbody #bodypositivity

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Dear body, I’m in awe of your strength

#DearBody, you are a FIGHTER! At this exact moment I was 3740km from home. Alone, broke, sunburnt and wearing a cheap ill-fitting bikini, I was happier, curiouser, wilder, louder, stronger and freer than I’d ever been. I had quit my toxic job, fought anxiety and panic attacks, survived my first nervous breakdown, lost an organ and had my heart broken almost irreparably. But in this life-changing moment, I chose life. I chose me. And while I thought I was the one doing all the damn things, it turns out #DearBody YOU were there too. ❤ #dearbody #bodypositivity #lettertomybody #marieclairesouthafrica #thenewnaked #naked2018 #bodybeautiful #thoughtfultuesday #throwbacktuesday #bikinilife #zerofucks #doyouboo #happygolucky #thatkweenlife #curvesfordays #workinprogress #selflove #feelingmyself #scarsandstretchmarks #celluliteisbae

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Dear body, thank you. I love you.

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Marie Claire’s 2018 #DearBody #NewNaked issue, in partnership with American Swiss, is on sale now.