Fashion and interior-design sensation Prime Obsession is made up of Joburg-based designers Keneilwe Mothoa and Shelley Mokoena. Known for making minimalism aspirational, as well the awe-inspiring fluidity of their poses, the pair are a prime example of what communicating through body language looks like. This made them the perfect fit for Marie Claire’s 2018 #DearBody New Naked campaign in partnership with American Swiss.

One half of Prime Obsession is Shelley Mokoena, a petite style maven with taste as unique as the characteristics of her shape, which she expresses gratitude for in this letter:

Dear Body,

You have carried me from the first time I landed on this earth to the woman I have become today. I have shared all my first experiences with you, and you have truly been there with me and for me.

I remember my first experiences as a child: riding a bike for the first time or jumping from a high wall and falling. You experienced that pain with me, yet you healed and we became better.

I remember our first experiences that brought me into womanhood, that I was embarrassed to utter to anyone – as if other women do not experience the same things.

I have a vivid memory of my grandmother brushing my breasts with a dry grass broom so they wouldn’t grow too big. But, guess what? With the first drop of blood I knew what was happening, but was so confused at the same time.

You are not perfect, but the unique characteristics of your shape and form make us who we are.

Your breasts may be uneven, and perhaps even bigger than I might like them to be.

Your waist may be the size of a child’s, so that at times I can’t find us anything to wear in the grown-up section.

Your skin may be filled with marks, your ass even not as firm as I would like.

I have tried to change you. I was not always happy with you, but I’ve come to accept and cherish the bond we share. I am grateful to have shared each first experience with you.

You make me who I am and to me that is the epitome of perfection.



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