September issues across all global titles are about peeling away old layers and ushering in a new, show-stopping, confidence-restoring fashion/beauty calendar. Marie Claire’s September issue is therefore right on beat with its 2018 #DearBody New Naked campaign, featuring local celebrities and influencers who have documented their self-love journeys in letters to their bodies, titled #DearBody.

Now, womxn on social media have penned their own #DearBody letters to their ‘homes’ and ‘temples’. These homes and temples are painted in different shades. Some have cobblestone driveways, others are smoothly paved with only a few cracks in between. There are a few which have permanent graffiti on the walls and several others have hooks on which beautiful, intricate ornaments can be hung. What all these homes have in common, is that they’re still works in progress and every now and then, they get reupholstered, renovated and remodelled to a unique kind of perfection.

These are the letters that captured this #DearBody sentiment in some of the most tear-jerking ways:

Accepting her,  flaws and all


Challenging society’s alienating beauty standards imposed on her


Ode to her resilience

One can’t help but marvel at how much vulnerability and strength can be captured in a mere 280 characters. We applaud the womxn who have stripped bare to share insecurities others can relate to and, in doing so, tapped into a new-found confidence. If you would like to write a letter to your body, use the #DearBody hasthag on Twitter and Instagram and tag @marieclaire_sa / @marieclairesa