Sibongile Mafu is a relatable, loved, and celebrated K-FM Mornings radio presenter and knowledgeable sports enthusiast. In Marie Claire’s 2018 New Naked campaign in partnership with American Swiss, she posed side-by-side with her co-host Sherlin Barends.

Here she writes a beautiful letter to the body that carried her throughout her sporty activities:

Dear Body,

I’m angry with myself. I didn’t appreciate the amazing things you did for me when we were younger. At school we’d shuffle from a physical education class, to a swimming class, to a hockey match with ease – all of these things fuelled by Maltabella, peanut-butter sandwiches, orange slices and a will to win. I was always moving.

Something changed when I became a grown-up and stopped moving as much as I used to. I started making excuses and watched as you changed right in front of my eyes, becoming unrecognisable. Until I started moving again. Until I realised that you are my life partner.

There are parts of you that I really love. If I were a parent, these parts would be my favourite children. My skin, which, through genetics and a somewhat consistent skincare routine, has always glowed – even in moments when I’ve felt my life falling apart. The dimple on my right cheek, which has been the charming quirk of my face I’ve always been quite fond of, and also a clear winner when I’m asked what my best side is. I love my arms and how strong they’ve remained even though I neglect them at times. I love my legs and how they carry me through thousands of steps without me even realising it; the places and people they’ve taken me to, and the places and people they have yet to take me to.

Body, we’re stuck with each other. You continue to surprise and delight me with your strength and resilience – even when I don’t feel like showing up.


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