Award-winning comedian, actress, writer and producer Tumi Morake effortlessly lights up any conversation she’s a part of with her wit, warmth and effervescence. These are traits she carries through into her work as well. But acting, writing and producing are not the only babies Tumi tends to – she is also a doting mother of three.

Any woman (mother or not) is aware of the drastic changes women’s bodies go through pre-, during and post-baby; some fear it and others embrace it. Tumi Morake has done the latter and continues to bask in the glory of motherhood and her body’s strength and resilience.

This is the conversation she had with her curves:

Hey you sexy thang,

Yes you, my curvaceous one-of-a-kind vessel. I may not show it and I may say disparaging things about you at times, but I really do love you. I love your golden-biscuit glow in summer and your gentle, yellow undertone in winter. The way you stand strong and carry me with purpose. You carry with you my history and my lineage – the hips and cheeks of maternal inheritance, and the forehead and complexion from my paternal side.

You have tattooed your birth experience beautifully in stretch mark sketches, and your Caesarean scar looks like a smile over my belly: a mark of joy and the miracle of birth. You held that scar so well when my life was in danger. Thank you for holding out until our last baby made it into the world.

My beautiful legs, the perfect combination of my mom and my dad’s. Even when I was at my largest, you were always my favourite highlight. I know I owe you some time on the soccer field. I miss it too. I am sorry, my body, for neglecting you when my mind and soul were not at ease. You deserve better. I know I can never be skinny and ‘perfect’ and ripped, but I promise to adorn you like the sacred temple you are to this fierce soul. I celebrate your beauty and your resilience. You’ve taken some hard knocks. I am in awe of the powerful comeback you’ve made.

I owe you a massage.


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