Local entertainer and all-round badass public figure Zodwa ‘Wabantu’ Libram is no stranger to embracing nudity and showing off the body that she is proud to carry. Receiving backlash for her carefree exhibitionist approach to fashion is something she easily shrugs off without offence, because only she knows the love-hate journey she’s had with her body.

Catch an eye-opening glimpse into Zodwa’s journey by reading the letter she wrote to her body, as part of Marie Claire’s 2018 New Naked campaign, made possible by American Swiss.

Dear My Body of 34 years,

You should know that I desperately love this letter as much as I love you. This is hard work, but there are a few things I want you to know.

I’m sorry for the times I’ve hated you; the times I’ve been disgusted by you and called you names; and the times I’ve hated the scar on my face that I always covered with make-up. I’m so very sorry.

You’re good to me. I mean it. You work around the clock for me – heart beating and lungs breathing, getting me to all the places where I need to be. But you’re so much more than a machine.

I love this whole body. It is curvaceous in all the right places.

Your legs and thighs are my favourite parts about you.

There are so many parts that I used to hate – the face most of all – but I love it now, because GOD ALMIGHTY gave it to me for a reason. I cannot erase who I am and where I came from, and I don’t want to spend my life with lips pressed together in anger. So, I throw my head back and laugh full and deep, and I smile wide because your differences are not imperfections, but the very things that make you mine.

You’re soft and curvy, and full of a life lived well (according to me, that is). And that is all I could ever want from you. To live life well.

Thank you,

To see the full New Naked campaign and the other celebrities and influencers featured in it, pick up a copy of the Marie Claire September issue, on shelf now.