The videos shot by Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch are all about wrestling and feature two gorgeous young men getting down and dirty in ways that are sometimes much more intimate than technical wrestling maneuvers.  The clincher comes when one plants a soft kiss on the other’s head.

This kind of work is nothing for Weber or Abercrombie.  Other campaigns that he’s shot for them includes a controversial print catalogue called the A&F Quarterly which also showcased much nudity, but that time it included women.  In the States, the clothing company is already associated with a strongly homoerotic image thanks to “..the gay dance anthems playing in the store and vintage-porn-looking hunks modeling barely-there clothes in ads, Abercrombie’s marketing strategy has always been super-gay. But though their ads ooze homoerotic pyrotechnics, they’ve never actually gone and shown us the full monty, the real act of affection between two hot dudes. Until now.” According to a blogger for Queerty.

Models getting naked and sweaty on camera to sell products is by no means a new approach but it is encouraging to see a major retailer acknowledge the various segments of its market.  Do you think these photos are worth the fuss?

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