One competition where it’s ok to be sexist, The Annual World Beard and Moustache Championships takes place this month in Norway. In the latest issue of Marie Claire we’ve featured photographer Dave Mead’s photos from the previous year’s tournament and his thoughts on it. With categories like “Freestyle Full beards”, “Musketeer Partial beards”, “Sideburns” and many more it’s definitely an event with lots of unique characters to photograph. As Dave Mead said: “the world’s most exotic and elaborate beards all under one roof? I just had to seize the opportunity.’

So, in the spirit of this our World Beard and Moustache Championships feature we thought it’ll be apt to celebrate our men’s facial hair… So tweet us at @marieclaire_sa with photos of your boyfriend, friends, father’s, uncle’s, neighbour’s (you know…) awesome moustaches and beards.
To get the ball rolling we thought we’ll show you a pic of the guys from Associated Magazine sporting their moustaches for Movember last year. Nice one, dudes!

To see a selection of photos from The Annual World Beard and Moustache Championships, buy our May issue of Marie Claire – it hits the shelves today.

Charis Le Riche – CPT Intern