Ever wondered what people used  as birth control during medieval times? Of course they didn’t have any condoms or The Pill.

Here are just a couple of weird and disgusting methods:

• A sponge soaked in lemon juice and inserted into the vagina (Medieval Europe).

• The woman must eat beans on an empty stomach (Ancient Egypt).

• The woman must drink sheep urine or rabbit blood (Medieval Europe).

• Coca-Cola douches (vaginal irrigation), as Coke was rumoured to be an excellent spermicide, and the classic bottle provided a “shake and shoot” applicator (1950s and 60s America).

• Inserting tar or elephant dung into the vagina after coitus (11th-century Persia).

• A condom made from a goat bladder, to be worn by the man or the woman (Imperial Rome).

• The woman must hold her breath during coitus, then sit with her knees bent and sneeze to expel semen.

Notice how basically all of these methods require the woman to do something?

Info via Huffington Post.