In this month’s issue we look at the recent Twitter Wars (TWARS) that’s been raging in South Africa. Think Jessica Leandra vs Tshidi Thamana. The DA’s Mmusi Maimane arranged a reconciliatory breakfast for the two tweeters. It’s a fantastic read, so make sure you read it on page 66 of our September issue. 

This article got me thinking about celebrities on Twitter. Most celebrities are unreachable by phone or email – especially for us mere mortals. This is where Twitter closes that gap. You can tweet a celeb directly – not that they’ll always answer – but some of them actually read all of  their tweets. Some of them can be very harsh and insulting.

Below is a video of celebrities reading offensive tweets that were sent to them.

Haters gonna hate?

Here you can see that celebs are much closer to us that you might think:

Photo via The Daily Beast.