From adult movies, books, condoms, penile enhancers, vibrators and vaginal moisturisers, you will find it all here. It’s Africa’s first sexual hub, and shoppers can expect a personalized, discreet and informative shopping experience. According to Dr Eve, it’s ‘[m]ore than just a space to buy adult accessories; the store aims to inform, educate and counsel so that shoppers can have more pleasurable and satisfying sexual health, sexuality and relationships.’

Similarly, online shoppers can listen, chat and learn while they browse as cutting-edge information, top-of-the-range sex toys and sexual-health products are made available through blogs, videos and articles. You can even book online consultations with internationally recognised expert Dr Eve herself.

It seems that Dr Eve has indeed gone out of her way to create this Eden of sexual exploration! For more information about Dr Eve and the Dr Eve Sexual Health Store visit

Michelle Hattingh, CT Intern