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With Oppikoppi this weekend and Rocking the Daisies on the way, here are some glamping – glamour camping ­– tips.

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Lessen the load

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Festivals have dedicated parking and camping areas which means you’ll have to lug your kit from point A to B. Pack lightly and pack wisely: stock up on multi-purpose products in sample size.

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Sunscreen and water

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These are the two non-negotiables for any festival. Avoid being burnt and dehydrated; you can’t afford to be out of action.

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Dark nail varnish

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Don dark polish to disguise the festival dust that is bound to make its way under your nail beds.

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Beauty basics

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These are the essentials:

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Moisturiser: keep skin moisturised after prolonged exposure to the sun.

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Waterproof mascara: you’ll more than likely be getting wet, be prepared!

Make-up wipes: the easiest way to get make-up off and/or freshen up.

Waterless shampoo: with limited access to showers, waterless shampoo is a godsend.

Vaseline: skin tends to dry out and get scratched; Vaseline will help soothe these troubles.

Nikki Horsten, CT intern