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Mr. T turns 60! 

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Wow, has it been that long? There’s no doubt that he’ll always be one of the toughest guys on TV. Who’s your favourite member of the A Team?

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Gucci wins legal battle with Guess.

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The verdict is in: in Gucci’s favour. That is $4,66 million’s worth! Gucci and Guess have had a long legal dispute regarding the interlocking “G” logo Guess bag. But Gucci prevailed. What logo will Guess come up with next? Your guess is as good as ours.

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Miley bares her flesh. 

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Teen star, Miley Cyrus made quite a stir in this super sexy outfit she wore to the Billboard Music Awards 2012. What do you think: Too naked? Seriously, if you have that much money, you can at least afford a stylist!

Leo strapped for cash? 

Leo has actually started renting out his luxe summer pad. Money problems Leo? You now have the rare opportunity to rent his beach house for just $75,000 a month. Hello? It’s a seven-bedroom, six-bathroom Malibu beach house. That’s nothing right? Meh.

Groups plan to protest Lady Gaga’s Manila concerts

Oooh Gaga! Christian groups in the Philippines plan to protest Lady Gaga’s concerts in Manila. This comes shortly after Muslim protests have cast doubt whether she will be allowed to perform in Indonesia.

“This protest is not against Lady Gaga as a person but on her music and on how she declares distorted views about the Lord Jesus Christ,” said Reuben Abante, bishop of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and secretary-general of Biblemode Youth, which is leading the protests.

Let’s hope she doesn’t arrive in an egg and start singing “Judas”.