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We just love this light, guilt-free Fleur du Cap edition. Spring deserves a light and refreshing, health-friendly wine and with its lower alcohol level (9,33%) yet fruitful character, Fleur du Cap Natural Light is the perfect choice to accompany those first invigorating outings after a long cold winter.

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The new 2012 vintage just released is a slightly off-dry, crisp and refreshing blend of 83% Chenin blanc and 17% Sauvignon blanc with enticing floral and tropical scents and a touch of green pepper. Fleur du Cap Natural Light sets the tone for a laid back, guilt free spring which means that you can indulge and enjoy life a little more responsibly without having to compromise on taste.

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It is the ultimate patio wine and works wonders with a variety of tantalising dishes including salads and light pastas.  Be sure to try this one!

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