Foursquare has followed on in the tradition of Facebook in blatantly giving up our networking habits for the use of a third party.  US InStyle Magazine set out to discover the most beauty-obsessed city in America, and enlisted the help of Foursquare to tally its 15 million users’ check-ins to beauty and cosmetics stores.

You’d expect the beauty, image and celebrity-obsessed L.A to top the list, but it doesn’t even make the top 10.  New York is only number eight.  Grabbing the top three spots are the relatively obscure (to those of us outside the country) Tulsa, Oklahoma and Lubbock, Texas with Fresno, California topping the list.   Go figure.

Of course these stats could just indicate that more beauty store customers in those areas are on Foursquare, rather than that there are more customers in the area.  Still,  it’s an interesting way to gain insight into readers’ shopping habits and beauty practices.

What do you think the most beauty-obsessed city in South Africa is?  I suspect that just like in the U.S, we’d be surprised by which unexpected candidates top the list.

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