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It’s every girl’s nightmare to have bushy eyebrows! Some women just go for the wrong shape. Some even look like they have a permanent look of surprise on their face, which is so wrong. It puzzles me why one would totally remove all their eyebrow hair, only to pencil draw them back in some random shape.

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Ladies please, can we just pay a little more attention to this issue. You don’t necessarily have to remove ALL of them just trim them, whilst keeping the same shape that you originally had.

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I admit it’s very tricky, so you would need some kind of guidance to get it right. I would suggest you to give the EMPRO triangular eyebrow pencil a try, which you can get at any Dreamnails or Placecol outlets countrywide. Another great one is Browtician’s eyebrow stencils and guides from Woolworths, which retails at R39.95

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Get shaping ladies!

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More hot beauty tips? 

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Afrika Gola, beauty intern

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