I just love this new couple. Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and funny guy, Ryan Reynolds have been trying to keep their budding romance low-key for the last few weeks, but they couldn’t hide it from us forever. Blake and Ryan have been friends since working on the runaway success film, The Green Lantern last year. Only a few weeks ago we thought Blake was still dating Leonardo DiCaprio, after they were spotted yachting in the Mediterranean. It was also reported recently that ex Mr. Johansson, Ryan was involved with Sandy Bullock. Looks like things moved quite quickly after that, since Blake is now being spotted exiting Ryan’s apartment on a regular basis.

“Things are moving fast and I think he’s already telling friends how he can’t imagine life without her. She makes him smile and is down to earth. I’m sure the next step must be to move in together, ” a source said.