Ever wondered what it would be like to live a completely different lifestyle? The life of the rich and famous perhaps? Or maybe a writer living in a small French village?

We asked 7 readers who they’d trade lives with in a second. These were the results:

Keneilwe: Angelina Jolie

Her lifestyle: In my eyes she seems to have a perfect life. She’s a mother, she’s famous and successful as an actress and she’s done a lot of humanitarian work around the world. On top of that she’s engaged to one of the most handsome guys on the planet. Her work allows her to travel the world, whilst having the opportunity to help out the less fortunate. In my eyes she has it all, happiness, money, love and success.

My lifestyle: My current lifestyle is different from hers in that I only get to travel once a year – a local trip – and have never been abroad. However, I’ve been saving to do the Contiki tour, 12 days 16 different countries in Europe, which I’m very excited about.

Taahira: Blake Lively

Watching Gossip Girl has made New York City look so exciting, and the fashion is to die for! I would love to live in New York City and live the lifestyle of a Gossip Girl. The fashion, food, culture and the shopping, I want to experience all of it. The city that never sleeps, is the city I want to sleep in!  Having the ability to walk wherever I want to go, or hop in a cab if need be; that’s my idea of a fabulous time.


Julie: J.Lo

Her lifestyle: I would love to be Jennifer Lopez, because she’s such a diva and she’s living the dream any girl would want. The fact that she’s a mom makes her even more of an idol. She’s a sexy, strong woman who stands for what she believes in. She wears the best clothes and the shoes, oh the shoes! Being a judge on Idols, where she breaks down and cries, has only made me desire her life more. It shows that you can be beautiful and famous, whilst also being very grounded and compassionate.

My lifestyle: My life now, is not exactly as I planned. I wanted to be a designer, selling my own clothes from my own shop.  I am a mum of a 14-year-old and I work an eight to five job. It’s hard, since I’m on the go all the time and am exhausted most of the time.  I want to change to a vibrant working woman who can cope with her all her duties. I sometimes feel like I’m the only person who goes through this. I think my life would change if perhaps I had a bigger home, my own car and a better paying job. Yet, I’ve been blessed with winning a lot of competitions.

I always seem to win the things I need most. I won a bursary to study designing, which I’m currently studying through correspondence. My inspiration to change has been my daughter. We always picture ourselves in a mansion with a pool on the roof, a walk-in closet and Mini Cooper in the garage. Big dreams, but it keeps me going and I love to dream!


Linda: Harry Potter novelist, J.K. Rowling

Her lifestyle: I wish I could have written the Harry Potter books. I think I have that kind of imagination to be able to write those amazing stories and to create those characters. I think this must be a great lifestyle. To express your feelings and imagination and to put it on paper is like heaven to me. You must learn a lot about yourself and others. The fact that you can be famous is also exciting and to travel and see different places would be amazing.

My lifestyle: I am happy with my lifestyle at the moment, but it would be nice to sit down and let my thoughts and imagination run wild. I am a mother of 18-year-old twins and have a hectic, though satisfying lifestyle. Yet, I do not have the time to relax and do what I want to do. That is very frustrating, because I know that I have the willpower and imagination to be a good writer. Maybe, just maybe when my twins finish school this year, I might have time for myself and write my first story or book.

Radia: Kim Kardashian

Her lifestyle: When I look at Kim, I see a sassy, intelligent hot business woman. Her show is a success, she has her own fragrance, fashion stores, books and and and… She always looks amazing on the red carpet, has her own stylist and make-up artist. What more could you want? Rubbing shoulders with A-listers and travelling the world sounds like a dream.

My lifestyle: My current lifestyle is nothing like that of a reality star. I am happy, but always try to strive to be better. I love all things glam and have very expensive taste. I am currently completing my degree and plan to start my own business when I’m done with my studies. This way, I can also be a hot business woman!


Silindele: The Hills Reality TV star, Lauren Conrad

Her lifestyle: I wish I could have Lauren Conrad’s life at the moment and Tina Green’s life when I’m older. This is because they are both doing very well in the careers, which I love. Lauren as a fashion designer and writer and Tina Green as an entrepreneur. She owns Top Shop and lives in Monaco, for goodness sake!  The life of a fashion boutique owner who writes fashion novels and who travels around Europe and collects designer shoes and books. Wow!

My lifestyle: I am happy where I am at the moment…well for now. I write on my blog and I do some freelance blogging for online fashion magazines. I am currently saving up enough money to register for a creative writing course. I am also working on opening my own small online boutique. Even though my life’s not as glamorous as Lauren Conrad’s life, I’m trying to get there one step at a time.

Lindy Nene: Plus-size fashion designer

I want to be a fashion stylist for the fuller figured woman. I love fashion and I think the way one looks determines how you’re perceived and treated.  I gained weight after the birth of my second daughter and I realised how difficult it was for the fuller figured woman to get clothes which suites her body type.  There’s nothing more pleasing that seeing a fuller figured woman look her best.

I’m trying to achieve my dream of becoming a plus-size fashion designer by being proactive about fashion. I started a fashion page on Facebook, I follow lots of fashion blogs, attend fashion week, keep up to date with the fashion industry and I read a lot of fashion magazines.


Tshepang: Tavi Gevinson, child fashion blogger

Her lifestyle: She has defied her age to create things that are beyond what is ‘normal’ for children. I’m so impressed by how she has sourced powerful content to positively influence and entertain young women.  I’ve been reading her blog, Style Rookie since she was 9-years-old!  I admire how she sees the world and how the world sees her.

My lifestyle: I love my life. I see beautiful art and have seen and touched incredible African haute couture by working at and attending fashion week. I wish it wasn’t just limited to the city, country and continent of my origin. I wish I had the courage and means to enable the global Tavi in me. I want to travel everywhere! I want to taste real Norwegian salmon in Norway and real Belgian waffles in Belgium. I’m planning to use my scholarships and internships to take me from looking at pictures of macaroons, to actually eating them in Paris.