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Land Rover is a brand synonymous with adventure and its city slick counterpart, Range Rover, embodies much the same spirit. Launched in 2010, Land Rover’s smallest, lightest and greenest car, the Range Rover Evoque has challenged city shapers internationally to find the ‘Pulse of [their] City’.

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These influencers include Daisy Lowe, Francesca Versace and Johannesburg artist, Sarah Britten.

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Using lipstick as a medium, Sarah has created a series of cityscape artworks. ‘My art is not just about the city, it’s also about my relationship with Johannesburg – a love triangle between me, my city and my car (as I often like to put it.)’

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Currently on exhibition in Braamfontein, Sarah’s series can be viewed at the Telo Gallery from 2 to 28 July.

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Nikki Holsten, CT intern

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